About our Imam

Imam Islam Mossaad has served as Imam for NAMCC from May 2008 – January 2015 and returned to NAMCC January 2018 to the present time.  He has also served as Imam for the Islamic Center of Little Rock from September 2003 until May 2006 and Imam for the Islamic Community of Bryan-College Station January 2017 – January 2018. 

Imam Islam is a Hafidh of Quran and has received life-long Islamic education from scholars of Islam here in the United States and through his formal studies with Mishkhah University.  He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.
Our Imam has diverse professional experience.  He has worked as an engineering loss prevention consultant, process engineer, automation engineer, Islamic School principal, teacher, and Imam.  He incorporates his lifelong education in Islam and the sciences along with his professional and “people” skills to lead as an Imam in the Austin Muslim Community.

He strives to unite Muslims along the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him).  He also seeks to educate people on the beauty of Islam while promoting tolerance and mutual understanding. 
Imam Islam Mossaad is a long-time Austinite, is American born and raised with Egyptian parentage.  He is married and has two children. 

The Imam leads the vibrant NAMCC Halaqah program including sessions for brothers, sisters, children, and youth.  He also is a public speaker on Islam in the broader Austin community.
The Imam is available for premarital and marriage counseling, grief counseling, life and career coaching, as well as consultation on Islamic positions for life choices.  He also officiates marriages in the State of Texas.  To schedule an appointment,
please email Imam@namcc.org