Arabic 101 Class


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Students’ Comments

UT- Austin

Amjad was a great teacher. I hope to take another class from him in the future. Coming in having not known anything, I feel confident now because of what I have learned.

The book sucks, but Amjad and Afra were great.

Amjad is Excellent. He cares about his student’s grades and his teaching is absolutely outstanding. He should definitely teach next semester.

Great course, Great teacher.

Amjad is truly a good man and an excellent teacher. He and Afra have a serious concern and care for the students and the subject matter. They were always there for my help. I have a learning disability and they were excellent to support this. They are great.

Book vocabulary was irrelevant.

I really enjoyed this class and this teacher. He really went above and beyond the basic requirement of a language course. He made me more sensitive and knowledgeable of Middle Eastern culture. And for that, I am in his debt.

Excellent teacher! I learned a lot and definitely kept me interested. I would recommend him to someone interested in taking Arabic.

I have found Amjad to be a great teacher. His enthusiasm for the class is very encouraging. He is the reason that I am taking the second semester of Arabic.

Great Class, I can’t believe how much I learned. Amjad is an excellent teacher.

امجد احسن استاذ في كليّة اللغة العربيّة! . Amjad is the best teacher in the Arabic Language College.

I have really enjoyed this class. At times the workload was overwhelming, but I have learned a lot.

The amount of homework became unbearable times. Some should be optional or more always given as far as a late assignment. Also, conversation hours were not always held at a convenient time, one should have been scheduled for Fri from 1-2 when a class meeting had been scheduled for those of us who must schedule work and other commitments prior to the beginning of the semester around the originally proposed class schedule.

It takes awhile to get used to his teaching style, but once you do- he is so awesome! He takes a direct interest in every student’s learning.

Amjad is an excellent teacher who sets a high standard and pushes students to excel. He consistently & effectively reminds students of his expectation level and is crystal clear in his objectives. Tests + quizzes reflect material taught in class. His energy + enthusiasm keeps me interested, engaged + learning the languages and culture of Arabic. He will make a great professor.

Sometimes I wish the explanations of grammar had been a little more “formal” – as opposed to quick and dirty” explanations given whenever a particular subject came up. Other than that excellent class.

This course was the most fun course I’ve taken at UT.

Instructor:  Amjad Mohammad


Date and Time:  Saturdays from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM starting 09/08/2018 until 12/22/2018

Place: NAMCC (Multipurpose Hall – Women’s side)

This is a paid class. (read below please)

The minimum number to open the class  is 10 students, the maximum is 20

(first come first serve)

Please bring payment on the first day of class.

(registration is at the bottom. Please read all the items below)

Goal: This is an intensive introductory class: It will cover the alphabets, basic greetings and basic vocabulary. The goal of which is to help you start studying on your own.

Course length: 16 Saturdays (09/08/18 to 12/22/2018)

Cost: $200 per student (for all the 16 Saturdays i.e. $12.50 per Saturday per student) – Payment is due on the first day of class. (Cash or check: Check written to NAMCC)

Funds will be used in two ways: $100 goes to the Masjid operation and $100 goes to my refugee kids’ activities. ( I teach for the refugees)

Book to be used: We will be using Alif Baa (click here to get more information). If not we will use in-class handouts.

Teacher: Ustaadh Amjad Mohammad (Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies – 6 years of teaching experience at UT Austin and 3 years at Texas State. For more information send me an email to and I will provide you with current student’s email addresses for feedback and recommendations. You are also welcome to get my student’s comments and evaluation points at UT Austin. (I still bleed orange 🙂 )

Refund Policy: No refund will be made once payment is submitted, so please think carefully before you sign up for the class. (If you decide not to continue the class, consider it as a donation for a noble cause)

Students: Class is open to public male and female (Muslims and non-Muslims) aged 17 to 100.

Dress code: Proper dress is required from both Muslims and non-Muslims since this class will be offered in the Masjid (mosque).

Attendance policy: You must attend regularly and on time (i.e. 3:30 PM) or I will ask you to drop the class. 🙂 I mean it 🙂