Fard Ayn (Obligatory Knowledge) Certification Program

UPDATE!!! Please note that if somebody is interested in the Fard Ayn program but isn’t sure if they want to commit or they can’t afford the fee just come and then you can decide. If you can’t afford, we will take care of the fee Inshaallah.

Have you ever got these questions?

  • How do I know God exists?
  • What do I do if you make a mistake in my prayer? Which mistakes need to be corrected?
  • How can I grow spiritually?

This questions and many more will be answered in our upcoming Fard Ayn program. Besides getting a grounding for our own practice, this will be an essential program for those hoping to get involved in youth work, dawah, or other forms of outreach and community support. If you have any questions please message me! The program is ONLY available in person.

Every Sunday, Starting October 3rd from 2 to 4 PM for 15 weeks Imam Adam will be leading Fard Ayn (Obligatory Knowledge) Certification Program at NAMCC. We will read through and Study the book ‘Being Muslim’ and Cover Fiqh, Aqeedah, Tazkiya with an overview of Seerah and Lifestyle Topics. Please register and make this event successful.

Please register for yourself and your family and take advantage of this program offered by NAMCC. 

Please note Fard Ayn Program will not be held on Oct 31st, Nov 28th or Dec 26th 2021.