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About Us

The North Austin Muslim Community Center-Masjid Aisha shines as a beacon of unity for Central Texas’ diverse Muslim community. Established in 1990, we’re a dynamic hub of community engagement, education, and spiritual solace, guided by Islamic principles.

We foster brotherhood and sisterhood, encouraging respect, understanding, and compassion. Through impactful programs, we aim to positively transform lives, radiating harmony and contributing to the well-being of all in Central Texas.

Vision & Mission


  1. To be a model Islamic Center that provides all possible Islamic services to a vibrant Muslim community in the Central Texas area, with trust and confidence of its membership.
  2. To practice and propagate the message of Islam as a peace loving and law abiding faith.
  3. To foster and nurture positive relationships with the community at large.


  1. To assist Muslims in the Central Texas area to preserve and improve their religious identity.
  2. To create a sense of community amongst Muslims by providing quality religious, educational, community, and charitable services.
  3. To take a leading role in developing unity and enhancing support and cooperation with other Islamic organizations in the area, sharing similar goals.
  4. To contribute peacefully and democratically to the diversity and pluralism of the American society.

NAMCC Impact

  • 3,000 Weekly Worshipers


  • 2,000 Daily average for Taraweeh prayers
  • 650 – 800 Daily Iftar meals served

Community Support

  • Food Bank : 150-180 drive-through + 50 deliveries
  • Diaper Bank : Supports 50 families weekly
  • Medical Clinic : 10 patients, 2 hours per week
  • Clothes Bank : Helps 50 families weekly

Financial Aid

Our primary focus is to assist families with essential financial support, covering critical expenses like rent, utilities, medical bills, and groceries.

  • 2023 (Jan-Oct) : 131 cases
  • 2022 : 145 cases

Zakatul Fitr:

2023 : Distributed Zakatul Fitr to 181 families

Our History

The North Austin Muslim Community has a remarkable journey that began in 1990 with just a few worshipers gathering for Friday prayers in a house on Prairie Dove Circle, Austin, Texas. As time passed, their numbers swelled, and a non-profit Morganization, the North Austin Muslim Community Center, was established to better serve their growing community.

In its pursuit of a permanent home, the community rented a location on North Lamar Blvd, where they tirelessly fundraised and searched for the ideal property. Their determination bore fruit when they acquired a property for $152k, which included three buildings in need of renovation.

Through collective efforts, one of the buildings was transformed and became the first-ever masjid in North Austin, opening its doors to the community in December 1996. As the community flourished, they further renovated the other two buildings to accommodate a Sunday School and Imam’s quarters.

In 2012, the masjid was fittingly named Masjid Aisha, honoring the beloved wife of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. With over 1000 brothers and sisters now attending Friday prayers, the community has outgrown its current location. As a result, they have initiated a vital project to construct a new masjid on the same premises, ensuring that it can comfortably accommodate the community’s needs for years to come, insha Allah.

The North Austin Muslim Community’s inspiring journey exemplifies the power of unity, perseverance, and faith. Their dedication to creating a welcoming space for worship and community growth is truly commendable, and it is through such endeavors that strong bonds are forged within Muslim communities across North America. As they move forward with their new masjid project, may their efforts be blessed, and may the new masjid serve as a beacon of light, guiding and inspiring generations to come.