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Medical Health Clinic

Since 2015, EIXSYS Healthcare System, pronounced as “x-sis,” has been collaborating with NAMCC to extend free and reduced-cost medical services to those in need.*
At EIXSYS, we understand the importance of accessible healthcare for all. Our partnership with NAMCC allows us to provide essential medical care to individuals who may otherwise face challenges in affording it.

While patient visits are free of charge, we encourage your generous donations to sustain these crucial services for our community.

Our Range of Services:

We are dedicated to serving you through a variety of means to ensure your well-being is prioritized. Our services include:

In-Person Visits : Comprehensive consultations and examinations conducted in-person for your convenience and comfort.
Hybrid Tele-health Visits : A blend of in-person and virtual consultations to cater to your specific healthcare needs.
Tele-health : Virtual healthcare consultations, bringing medical advice to your fingertips.

Our Expertise Covers:

Routine Exams : Thorough check-ups to monitor your health and address any concerns.
Preventative Healthcare : Measures to keep you in optimal health and prevent potential issues.
Prescriptions : We provide prescriptions, filled at the pharmacy of your preference.
Radiology Imaging : Access discounted rates for radiology services to aid diagnosis and treatment.
Lab Work : Avail of reduced rates for essential lab tests to monitor your health.
Specialist Referrals : Access specialized medical care through our discounted referral network.

At EIXSYS, our mission is to ensure that health remains within reach for all members of our community. We encourage you to take advantage of our services and contribute to sustaining this invaluable endeavor.
Together, we uphold the spirit of care, compassion, and accessibility for a healthier tomorrow.

With gratitude, The EIXSYS Healthcare Team