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The Media Committee’s mission will be to represent NAMCC to the greater Austin area by developing positive relations with media channels. The Media Committee’s activities include, but are not limited to the following:

(1) Respond to all media inquiries (local and international) involving NAMCC,
(2) be the face of the organization to the public at large on behalf of NAMCC,
(3) provide PR training to interested community members,
(4) oversee interfaith actives, and
(5) reach out to student media organizations.

As detailed above via activity number 3, the Media Committee intends to engage a Public Relations expert to provide training for committee members, EC members, and local non-NAMCC masjid leaders. The hope of this exercise will be to create an overarching PR plan that is both proactive and reactive in nature and will serve NAMCC and the greater-Austin Muslim community.


Sh. Islam Mossaad

Executive Committee