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In Jan 2018, NAMCC partnered with IbnSina Mindcrafters, a robotics training company, to train instructors for the NAMCC Robotics program. Instructors with software and hardware engineering background were groomed to provide training for the first batch of kids. Classes were held at NAMCC on Saturdays for 2 hours with an active enrollment from 21 kids. In May 2018, after fourteen weeks of training, 16 kids graduated from the program and participated in the Robolympics competition. The competition was held between 4 teams where each group had to demonstrate time management and teamwork to complete 3 tasks in 4 hours. Alhamdulillah, the kids did exceedingly well.

Objectives of NAMCC Robotics program:

  • Make Masjid the focus of activities for kids and to encourage them to come to the Masjid
  • Introduce basic concepts of robotics hardware and programming to kids. The program is tailored to nurture interest in kids for robotics and to develop STEM skills.
  • Promote teamwork and leadership skills in kids.

Program highlights Fall 2018:

Level 1 – Robotics for beginners: Goal is to familiarize kids to robotics and enable them to write basic programs for robots

Level 2 – Robotics – Programming skills. The goal is to write software programs that will lead to the Robolympics competition.

Target Audience: 9 years and up (Boys and Girls)

Duration: 14 weeks starting Nov 2018

Timing: Saturdays 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (followed by Zohar prayer with Jamat)

Fee: $50 for course + $50 deposit refundable upon successful completion

Attendance policy:

Attendance is mandatory. Participants who miss two consecutive classes or more than three classes will be disqualified

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