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NAMCC TIP is a comprehensive and rigorous program designed with a vision to coach software professionals to acquire skills that will help them to ace and crack technical interviews and launch careers in top technology companies.

Teachers are professionals, working in top software companies (Google, Amazon, etc) having more than a decade of experience.

Gain confidence, overcome interview anxiety, solve unseen problems with in-person coaching, deliberate practice, tests, assignments and mock interviews.

Key Areas that we focus on:

  • Algorithms and Data Structures (Big-O Analysis, Recursion, Trees, Sorting, Graphs, Arrays, LinkedList, Stacks, Queues, Strings, Dynamic Programming, etc.)
  • Large scale System Design
  • Concurrency
  • Behavioral
  • Resume building, application process, negotiation
  • Presentation skills

If you have questions before registering regarding the course, objectives, instructors or related please email: . Our goal is to make our community members successful.

Some testimonials…

The interview prep course is of tremendous help. I learnt different approaches of solving the problems, what to expect, and how to plan the preparation. Every interview I have given has questions from this course material. — Riazuddin

“The best investment you will ever make. There is no short cut but after going thru you will realize it indeed cut your journey short. Mark my words.” – Akbar S.

Tutorial sessions helped to revise data structure and algorithm. Sessions were interactive which lead to discuss alternate options of solving same problem along witb pros and cons. It also helped to understand how to approach a problem during interview and present your approach/solution to interviewer. — Zahid Ali

In interviews I solved the problems, but now I exactly know how to solve the problem — Umair Iqbal

Great initiative for Muslim community. Course content covers all aspects of software engineer/ developer interviews for all tier companies. Instructors highly experienced, dedicated and most helpful. May Allah bless them all. Helped me in becoming a better software engineer. — Mansoor

It really helped me to understand how to approach the interview problems, to actually understand them rather than just learn the code by heart, and help me ace the valley top companies interviews, and eventually getting the offers from four top silicon valley companies it all happened just because of this program. — Shahzad M.