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Below are the official vision, mission and goals of the North Austin Muslim Community Center. You can also read the full text of the official constitution here


1. To be a model Islamic Center that provides all possible Islamic services to a vibrant Muslim community in the Central Texas area, with trust and confidence of its membership
2. To practice and propagate the message of Islam as a peace loving and law abiding faith
3. To foster and nurture positive relationships with the community at large


1. To assist Muslims in the Central Texas area to preserve and improve their religious identity
2. To create a sense of community amongst Muslims by providing quality religious, educational, community, and charitable services
3. To take a leading role in developing unity and enhancing support and cooperation with other Islamic organizations in the area, sharing similar goals
4. To contribute peacefully and democratically to the diversity and pluralism of the American society


1. Exercise shura at all levels in all major decisions, within and without, with peaceful and Islamic means to attain goals/objectives
2. Effectively manage the NAMCC facilities, financially and administratively
3. Strive to achieve financial self-sufficiency
4. Mobilize community resources (financial and human) to provide various activities, projects, services, and programs to promote harmony and goodwill
5. Establish an effective Da’wa and community outreach program to maximize the contribution of the NAMCC to the community
6. Increase participation and effective/efficient delivery of services to the community