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NAMCC offers a variety of services

Today, NAMCC offers many activities and services to the Muslim community of Austin. The Da’wah Committee has made great strides in educating the public about Islam. With Islam 101 classes and Open House events, the Da’wah Committee has been able to clear the misconception of Islam in the minds of several people and have educated a long time Muslims about the fundamentals of Islam. Friday Halaqah is held at the Masjid with a series of Islamic lectures teaching the community Tafseer, Ahadith, and advice on how to raise children according to Islam in our society. Additional Halaqah is held for the sisters and for the youth.

A Monthly potluck gives the community an opportunity to socialize and taste many different cuisines. Monthly guest scholar broadens community’s Islamic Knowledge by their experienced lectures. NAMCC also offers basic services like marriage (nikkah), family counseling services, sadaqah (charity) and zakat services helping over 100 needy families and individuals each year, funeral services, and accommodations for Ramadan, where we serve iftar 7 days a week, perform Taraweeh prayers, offer Itika’af, Eid prayers and Eid picnics. To meet the Islamic educational needs of the children, NAMCC offers afterschool Quran classes, Sunday school, and summer school.

The current location is very convenient for people living in all parts of the town, this is an attractive place to worship for many Muslims or all different background. This masjid is the busiest masjid in Austin. Due to the excellent services and activities provided, more and more Muslims are relocating to this area and deciding to join the community of Masjid Aisha. Due to these increasing numbers, 3 Jum’ah (Friday) prayers have to be held. The need for more space has come and the time is now to build it. This community not only needs but deserves a bigger masjid.